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Nocny Kochanek announces the 2017/2018 tour

Nocny Kochanek announces the 2017/2018 tour

Already in August will begin the tour of the band Nocny Kochanek, which will last until the end of June 2018. We know the dates and places of concerts!

Nocny Kochanek is currently one of the most popular Polish metal bands. Musicians in their compositions combine a professional dose of heavy metal and mocking lyrics. Fans of heavy voices in the creation of the Nocny Kochanek can find inspiration for the classics and references to individual bands.

At present, the band is promoting their second album “Zdrajcy Metalu”, which is very popular. The group is selling out the largest concert halls, so it’s a good idea to hurry to buy tickets to have the biggest hits, such as “Andzeju”, “Dziewczyno z Kebabem” and “Karate” together with the band.

Below list of planned concerts:

Nocny Kochanek - trasa 2017/2018

Nocny Kochanek – tour 2017/2018