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The latest clip of Greek band Raw In Sect, is strong not only musically, but also in the transmission.

Raw In Sect is an Athens-based progressive metal band. Musicians have performed alongside such compositions as Overkill, GBH, and Rotting Christ. So far, they have one demo, physical album “Red Flows” from 2011, and another blue tape “Blue Haze,” co-produced by Matt Bayles, who  work with such collaborators as Mastodon, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains and Soundgarden.

In his music, Raw In Sect combines the influences of traditional Greek sounds with pure rock energy, which is an explosive blend and new quality that was not on the rock scene.

As the musicians emphasize, their work is about doing something new and going their own way, not duplicating the well known standards of music.

The world premiere of the clip has promotes their upcomin album and is strong not only in terms of music but also the message. You can watch the video below:



What musicians said about video:

“This is the first single of our new album that will come out in September. It’s about transforming yourself into Therion once you have resonated with the power within”

More info about Raw In Sect you can find at: