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Ed Sheeran will give a second concert in Poland!

Ed Sheeran will give a second concert in Poland!

Planned on August 11, 2018 Ed Sheeran’s concert at the National Stadium in Warsaw was sold out in a few minutes. The organizers announce the second concert a day later!

Ed Sheeran beats the sales record. He recently beaten the score at the British stadiums, and now it will apparently reach that level in Poland! The first concert was sold out in less than an hour! The organizers announce that the musician will also perform in Poland on 12 August 2018!

This will be one of the biggest musical events of 2018. Ed Sheeran is a worldwide respected creator. The singer will perform spectacularly on 11 August 2018 at PGE Narodowy in Warsaw. The live artist will promote his latest album “÷”.

Ticket prices:

Disc: 269 PLN
Lower platform: 379 PLN
Lower platform: 269 PLN
Upper platform: 229 PLN
Upper platform: 209 PLN
Sector K: 400 PLN (seats in the stands at the lodge level)

Tickets available at www.eventim.com/ed-sheeran

For this event there is a limit of 4 tickets per customer which means that one person can buy a total of no more than 4 tickets. In case of the purchase by one person of a quantity exceeding the established limit, the Organizer reserves the right to cancel all purchased tickets

Disabled wheelchair tickets will not be available for sale on a regular basis. To purchase a ticket in this zone, please send an email to: niepelnosprawni@eventim.pl